Want to get the woke fired up, say ICE took muh man part 2

In par two, which you can view part one here if you forgot, we go to the comments on the posting.

Well, that was all it took to get the woke women’s panties all in a knot. Now before we start, I do have to post a disclaimer.

I’m not a liberal.

Lets start with Tiffany.

Standard issue complaint. Injuries and illness. Not quite sure how you push someone out of a van hard enough to break a leg, Tiffany can’t explain it either, since she doesn’t speak the same language as her brother, but its on Facebook so it has to be true.

Next up Nicole

No doubt she will want to speak with my manager.

No stupid, that isn’t how it works. ICE follows what is called THE LAW, unlike the illegal immigrants you are defending. They aren’t just driving around grabbing people and putting them on planes to third world shithole countries.

Then Kimberly came along, with a reasonable statement.

That is all it took to set these woke bitches off !

I truly feel bad for Kimberly, she tried to be a voice of reason in a all woke room. They attacked her for it. But don’t worry Kimberly, I got your back .

First up Ash Nicole Gomez.

Ash, if you want to be taken seriously don’t use a dog filter.

Those are some interesting stats you have there. Do you have one single thing to back that up? I doubt it. So no Woofy, they aren’t just driving around picking people up and shipping them out of the country without a paper trail. How would they know who not to let back in if they didn’t keep track?

Is that because AOC said so ?

Sure Kelsey, just wondering how many illegal immigrants are currently live in your home? Now go march you ass right into North Korea and tell them you aren’t illegal.

So she is garbage because she doesn’t share the same opinion as you ? I would rather be a piece of garbage then a cunt like you.

Before I show you the next one, I would like to remind you of the group rules.

Well if that is courteous, then I just don’t know what is.

We know Katy, but you can’t reason with stupid.

Well you heard it there folks. Check out Alexis.

Whats under the dress? I don’t want to know, but possible a wiener.

Great news, Virginia wasn’t done being a cunt just yet.

Are you for real? You literally just made all that up to shit on her. The even more pathetic part.

That is how the liberals work people. They just make things up about people to call them racist, you just watched it happen.

Hate to do this , but we need to take a quick commercial beak, be right back.

Ok, welcome back !

Can anyone even explain this next one to me ?

WTF does that mean?

I think we will rap up with one last comment.

Now she is a racist meth head that sleeps with her cousins? Who is fueling the real hate in this country ?

Kimberly left the group permanently, and with one glorious last comment.

Oh, we couldn’t agree more.

One woman made one statement, that was no way offensive and she was attacked until she was forced to leave the group. And they call us the evil ones.

We attempted to reach out to Kimberly but she would rather put this behind her. We can’t blame her.

If anyone of you wonderful women in this group would like to come defend your honor, our comments section on Facebook is open and we are ready for you.