Want to get the woke fired up, say ICE took muh man part 1

Meet Kate and Erik Marquez from Colorado, or Mexico, or Honduras.

They have a sad story that has everything. Love, family, kids ICE deportations and woke women. And should come as no surprise where it came from.

Yeah, I’m totally calling bullshit on this one. Way to many holes in the story.

First off. I want everyone to know Eric is fine. I found him.

He is in the Limon Correctional Facility in Limon Colorado. He wasn’t deported. Which explains why she couldn’t keep her story straight.

July 8th? re you sure about that?

Or the 14th? The good thing is he has to go through due process.

He will get his day in court, don’t worry.

Well that was quick. I’m curious as to why the first thing he did when he got to Honduras was to set up a Facebook account saying he live in Colorado.

Guess who else lives there?

Shocker, right? Yet he was banned from the USA for 10 years?

On to the fundraisers

The description on this was the same as above, the money is to run off to Mexico, like $1000 will last long. The first sign that you may be running a scam is when none of your friends or family donate or promote your fundraiser.

We hope you get out of jail soon Eric ! Meanwhile, stay tuned for part two, one commenter said ICE was just doing their job and the liberals were having none of that. This will be must see tv !!