Waffle House or KFC, which one are you treating her to?

Meet Ciara Ann from Michigan

When she isn’t trying to recruit people for the staffing agency she works for..

They she is trying to recruit you to give her some money.

First up, her little doggy.

So you had money to enter the dog into a competition, but can’t buy her a damn milk bone? Maybe you shouldn’t have a pet then.

Next up on her list.

Just type it into You Tube and watch for free. Maybe for a buck people will look at your actual Venus fly trap.


You have plenty of money to travel to a wedding but can’t afford a Waffle House? Its a Waffle House, not a 5 star kind of place. Second, So were you just not going to eat the whole trip ? I didn’t think so.

Speaking of her and her man eating.

After their road trip they need you to buy them KFC. The best part, she will tell you how it was. Seriously, like I give a faq. If I wanted to know I would start my own fundraiser to go try it.

But just to be nice Ciara, I would be more than happy to email your employer asking them to give you a raise so you can eat out more.