Time to spread some love

It is a rare occasion where we decide to do something nice to help somebody out.

I found this ad in one of the GoFundMe groups.

I was taken back by this. These folks from Australia aren’t asking for money just votes so they can win a wedding. So why not help, what do we have to lose?

I don’t know these folks from a hole in the wall and seriously doubt I’ll be on the invitation list. I figure why not use our site to help someone half a world away instead of pointing out the shitty people in our own backyard.

I have already checked this out, it is legit and no need to worry about it being a virus infected website. So head on over and vote for Beau and Bec by clicking here. Look, they even made a cute video.

I assume we only have a few days left, so share it as much as possible. Lets rig the shit out of this thing.

PS Beau and Bec, if you find this blog and win, all we ask in return is a wedding photo with our logo in it.