Not a wise career move

Meet Floyd, he is making a move to his dream career!

Are you sure that is a smart idea? This isn’t real Uber, you are going to base your income on Facebook Hood Uber rides?

While Floyd calls his baby mammas to make sure they get welfare since the child support won’t be coming in for awhile, lets look at a few highlights.

Servicing all of NEWENGLAND”

New England is two words. I wonder what he charges for a ride around Unity Maine.

“Smoke friendly”

Nothing says safe and legal like riding around getting high. After Floyd smokes with a few customers, he is way to high to keep working.

Kid friendly”

If you put your child in a gypsy cab with a driver that is getting high, you should never use the words responsible and parent in the same sentence.

Free snacks”

For the muchies, of course.

Low affordable rates (Per rider or Monthly)

I don’t think people using hood uber need monthly rides. They only “work” one day a month.


Do you earn points toward a free ride with every ride, or just call him when he is high and tell him you already paid?

I have no idea what “w.e.” in the last line means, I think he is trying to add more hood Uber deivers to the page. Thats call competition Floyd, its bad for business.

Floyd had some free time during rides and made a video for everyone to get to know him. Trust me, its worth the 4 minutes of your life.

I don’t know wtf that was but I know two things now. First I learned what a section 8 apartment when you cant afford Rent a Center furniture looks like.

I also learned that I never get into a car with this guy. The world of Hood Uber is one I never want to experience.

Go gwt a real job Floyd.