Gov’ment took muh babies, muh man and me next

Meet Mae Johnson from Coldspring Texas.

She has a problem and needs your help. Actually she has many problems. Where do we start?

So mae appears to have at least two crotch fruits and possibly a third on the way. And like any good parent she gets to spend time with them.

I meant talk to them on the phone. We will come back to the baby daddy thing in a bit.

Like they do to any good parent, the evil CPS ( child protective services) came and took her babies for no reason.

Is she seriously banking the well being of these kids on a clerical error? The should get you the best lawyer in Texas pro bono. Pro tip, $1500 doesn’t go far with a lawyer.

This all brings us to Mae’s current problem, she needs to keep her ass out of jail.

Oh no, she got arrested ! That may explain the whole losing the babies thing.

So according to her bail was set at $18K and a bondsman got her out. She claims to have paid $700 but has to make payment on the remaining $1,100 or the bail gets revoked and its off to jail.

I didn’t know you could do that, but ok. I’m sure you are wondering who she is calling ” bro”, so check this out.

One would assume if the person you are talking to is named Michelle, bro would be the wrong thing to say. But we aren’t playing with power here.

Far from a ” bro”.

Next question is where is the baby daddy?

Her pregnant husbands are in jail with no bond. I wonder if he was preggers before he got to jail?

Lat but not least, what did sweet little Mae do?

Charge has an E at the end. I have no idea what that law is, Mae seems to be the only person in the world charged with it.

I’m going with hindering apprehension. I’ll also put money on it she was trying to hide her man which is how this all started. That is my best guess.

Some adult advice Mae, its time to grow up. You reproduced and now you are ruining more than one life.