Do NOT call the Area 51 lawyer

A few days back we posted a blog about a lawyer advertising to help people who will be arrested trying to get into Area 51.

Well, you may want to think twice about calling him.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — A Las Vegas DUI defense attorney was arrested in an alleged DUI crash Friday, the third time he has faced a DUI charge, according to court records and Nevada Highway Patrol.

Garrett Ogata, 54, was arrested Aug. 30 after a crash involving his Aston Martin and a Toyota SUV on eastbound 215 just past the Eastern Avenue exit, according to Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka.

A DUI lawyer who has real hands in experience with DUI’S. When this guy tells you he knows what you are going through, he means it.

Smaka said that around 2:30 a.m., the driver of the Aston Martin, later identified as Ogata, rear-ended the Toyota, causing it to enter the right shoulder and overturn.

That had to have been one hell of a hit.

Ogata was arrested on charges of DUI, failure to decrease speed or use due care and driving without a license.

He can’t drive a car but can practice DUI law? Why is that?

According to court records, Ogata first faced a DUI charge in 2003. Records indicate he agreed to a lesser charge of leaving the scene of an accident in April 2004.

Ogata was arrested on a DUI charge again in April 2016, according to court records. Ogata was sentenced in January 2018, agreeing to go to DUI school and to “stay out of trouble.” Court records indicate he completed DUI school in February 2018.

Ogata’s website indicates he “focuses his practice on DUI defense,” along with criminal defense. His website also has a DUI questionnaire for potential clients and a 39-page document titled “The Ogata DUI Guide,” billed as, “A simple and practical guide to understanding Nevada’s DUI laws and the Criminal Justice System.”

The guide includes explanations of DUI charges, field sobriety tests and trial processes.

A statement on Ogata’s law practice website said, “Our goal, as Las Vegas DUI attorneys, is to get all charges dismissed, an acquittal at trial, or charges reduced to a non-DUI level.” 

The good news is he knows a good lawyer. The bad news, if you hire him you may have to give him a ride to court.