The cash flow is low

Oh no, a crisis in my favorite group has happened.

The petty cash is running low! So to win a whole $1 come up with fundraising ideas since the big flashlight giveaway was a flop.

So nobody entered? Really? 🤔🤔

Well I wont bore you this the comments. It is like reading the minutes from a bording PTO meeting. Sell baked goods, fun games with prizes, the usual shit.

One woman just doesn’t understand how this works.

No Vanessa you are thinking of a pyramid scheme. Can’t blame her though, kinda feels like one.

Anyhow, ladies, since you have been soo kind to us. Trolling the website, sending each blog to the person we write (Oh Heather, I meant to tell you, we tag them at the bottom of the blog. I gotz no fear if they find out.)

I have a raffle idea for you. Its something that I’m sure alot of people asking for money on your page will agree with.

The D is for donation ! Maybe if your nice I’ll even pay for the shirt.