Save the environment or nah?

Once upon a time being a taxi driver was a some what respectable job choice that you could make a decent living doing. But those days are long gone. Now you see stuff like this.

Now of course the poster is mad because the driver is throwing trash on the ground. In her defense the trash can outside the store is a good 15 second walk away from where she parked. Since she is driving a Prius, it kind of balances itself out.

There really is no point in complaining, at this point in life the cab driver has completely failed. When you drive a taxi , a Prius no less, in Fall River of all places its not getting any better. She probably doesn’t own her own car, so Uber, hood Uber is out.

Since I know we now have a following form across the country, let me explain Fall River Mass. Don’t get off the highway, just keep driving. There mayor is under federal corruption charges, welfare is the main source of employment and drugs are the in thing. But make sure you visit Battleship Cove, no seriously, it is litterally the only reason you would go to Fall River.