Raiding Area 51? Get a good lawyer

Remember when this was a thing?

Well we all know there will be a few morons that show up. If they don’t get themselves killed trying to invade a USAF base, then its off to jail. And for no better cause if I say so myself.

When they get arrested, they will need a lawyer, and we have just the man. No its not Richard N. Vulva, or Dick as his friends call him.

That right, Don’t raid Area 51 without his number in your pocket ! When you appear in court you are going to want an attorney that can explain in legal terms to the judge you are really one dumbass mo’fo and you just need a slap on the wrist and sent home.

No seriously, if you are that dumb to try and raid a military base have a good lawyers number with you, the feds are Massachusetts judges, you may actually get in trouble.