Another one bites the dust, and that ain’t good

We don’t write about everyone time a trucking company closes shop, but sometimes one comes along that is worth talking about.

Obviously, we don’t know the whole story yet. Was it competition, mismanagement or just rising cost and lack of income to cover the expenses?

Think about what must be going through the minds of the 300 plus employees. They woke up this morning with no income or jobs. The drivers are out on the road and now need to fend for themselves to get home. It really is a scary thought.

This could hurt those of us that aren’t in the industry too. Everything you have or used made its way to you by truck. Freight cost go up, prices go up.

We wish the folks who were working at HVH Transportation out in Denver Colorado the best of luck in their unplanned job searches. We hope you are back to work in no time.