Return of the Hood Uber

From Boston to Holyoke, if you need a Hood Uber we got you covered

Splyft eh? I like Hood Uber better. This one is great though. Need a ride, call them. Need a bottle of Henny dropped off at your house or section 8 apartment?

You know know to call.

The smack part I was trying to figure out. Will they really go to your drug dealers for you? Are narcotics cops just getting lazy? Or will this guy really smack someone for a fee? They did change their ad for that though.

What is a freakin ” nack” ? Does he mean snacks? Goes well with the weed he delivered.

Meanwhile in Holyoke.

Odds are if you live in Holyoke you are on Mass Health, so your treatments are paid for . Got to go for the sympathy vote though.

Ashley did a quick delete and retreat when a few people pointed out how what she was doing was unsafe, illegal and asked why she doesn’t just work for the real Uber. I can say with pride that they are both loyal followers of this page.

I think we will see an uptick in the hood ubers now that the crotch fruits have gone back to school. Got to supplement that AFDC money somehow.