I’m just not believing this, sorry

This give me money request just seems to have way to many holes in it to seem legit. So I will present the facts and see what you guys think.

So this is Tiassa ” Tee” Hill from Baltimore Maryland.

Would it surprise you she is a hairstylist?

Lets get to her first posting.

Right off the bat, it doesn’t feel right. Less than a week after her boyfriend was killed she is asking for money because she has no car and can’t get to work. Very little is mentioned about him.

Next we look at what she wrote.

“The person hit me from behind on my drivers side and wrapped my car around a pole.

That is very descriptive of what happened. This implies she was driving and he would be a passenger.

” Because I wasn’t in the car during the accident “

See line above where she implied she was. So then who was driving the car?

Next she goes on to say the insurance won’t help or give her information because of the investigation. You can file a claim, they just won’t pay until they determine fault. The car is insured, not you. Insurance doesn’t go away if the owner isn’t in the car.

Her only proof of this is clips from a website called ” The Citizens” , which just seems to be another scanner website.

That is it. No obituary, no pictures on her Facebook,nothing. I looked and could not find anything else about this incident, but in post two Tee answered that question for us.

How in the hell does that happen? Since when does the media ask permission to post the name of fatal car accident victims? Every single media outlet in Maryland called mamma first and she said no, so they have to honor her wishes.

That one is even harder to believe. I think we have seen enough of these to know there is always the family member looking to get their face in TV.

On to post number two.

My first question is why the police would hold the car for two months in the first place? After it would have been photographed and and physical evidence removed it they wouldn’t need to keep it. Not like they were going to tow it to court.

Next, the old car itself. First, that appears to be a Chevy Cavalier,which hasn’t been made since 2005. It isn’t worth it weight in scrap. The insurance money isn’t going to buy a new car.

Speaking of that car. You don’t rip a car in half hitting a telephone pole, not at least under 100 mph. That looks like it meet a big tree real fast or picked a fight with a train and lost, bigly.

Last, I’m confused as to why she needs to pay tickets before the insurance company can get a car out of a tow yard. Is the tow company working with the DMV? Not like that car is going anywhere.

Although part of me wants to think something else happened, my gut says she is telling a story for free sympathy money. What do you think?