Chicopee Burger Queen takes on cops, and loses

Just by reading that you can probably already guess what she looks like.

The only thing that is a shocker about that is somebody is actually banging her.

Anyway, lets do a play by play on this one.

August 19th, 10:23pm, multiple people came into our lobby to speak to officers about an incident that occurred at the Burger King on Memorial Dr. The concern was over a former employee.

Somehow she does look like the day shift woman who is pissed off she has to work at Burger King. I get the feeling she was mad because she no longer gets the employee discount on the 2 for $6 whoppers.

As they began speaking, the person they were reporting about walked into our lobby and began yelling, swearing and making threats

That always goes well.

. When asked to leave the lobby by our officers, she crossed her arms, and replied “F**K You, I am not leaving.” Her actions and yelling drew the attention of the Commanding Officer and Dispatch officers, who also came out to the lobby to assist.

Did she think the cops were going to leave, how was this a good idea?

She then decided to leave the lobby, and continued making threats, stating she was going to get a pipe, or a bar. Officers at this point told her she was going to be arrested. She then stated she was leaving, and no one would stop her.

Thats not how being arrested work. Although I am willing to bet if she dropped her pant the officers would have been blinded and she could have escaped.

She then turned, balled her fists, lifted her hand and said she was going to strike Ofc Ben Austin. She was immediately subdued, and she continued to scream, yell, resist and fight. Her actions caused bystanders to stop, and look at what she was doing.

I already feel bad for Office Austin, he now has to fight the Angry Whopper.

She was handcuffed and escorted back into our booking area. At that point, she kicked Ofc Austin in the leg. She requested, after booking, transport to a local hospital. She was transported, in custody, to the hospital.

She just wanted to make sure she didn’t burn any calories fighting the cops.

She continued to threaten our officers, stating she would go to their home and kill their children. During her visit, she resisted medical personnel, removing all medical equipment, and continued threatening to shoot our officers. She was brought back to the PD. Information and charges are as follows:

Disorderly Conduct
-Resisting Arrest
-A&B on a Police Officer

Very wise, threaten the police, that should get them to leave you alone. This is Massachusetts, so I’m sure some judge let her out on $50 bail.

The good news, is She has fast food experience, so she should be the employee of the month at McDonald’s in no time.