This important warning was sent to us after being on Facebook. And since its on Facebook, it has to be 100% real.

Omg I can’t believe this happened to me. This morning this older guy shows up at my house trying to kidnap my kids. I think he is running a cult because there are other kids in his kidnap mobile and they must be brainwashed or afraid to yell for help. I have contacted the Police and they refuse to stop this man. The school said its normal. THEY ARE ALL IN ON THIS!!!!!!! I posted a picture of what he is driving so you can warn others. Please pass this along so your kids aren’t his next victims !!!!!!

The children aren’t safe. I’m not sure exactly where this happened, but we know it can happen anywhere, at anytime to any one.

The ” kidnap mobile” is very unique, so make sure you keep an eye out for it.