A trip into the mind of a Springfield Homie

The 413 classifieds isn’t usually the place you look for excitement, but a video was posted in there that lead down a whole different road than onlh worn once Jordans

If you have ever needed another reason not to live in Springfield, there you go. Clearly shorts guys isn’t the gang banger you want having your back. But street fights are always good for the kids at the park to watch.

I went to the posters page , and holy shit hang on for this mess up ride. Meet Polo Ge, which I assume is his street name.

When he isn’t giving discounts on Jordans at Foot Locker, you can get many words of wisdom from him.

Even going through the comments I couldn’t figure this one out. Sounds like some baby daddys gonna be fightin yo !

I get this one, if you do not start a disagreement with him despite the fact that you don’t agree, there will be no argument.

It can be hard when you don’t have a good honest woman to spend some quality time with. But is seems he may have found a date later that evening.

I’m not sure how well that worked out for him but he seems like a good friend to do all that

His quest for love didn’t stop there. When word got out his was single and looking for Mrs right, there was no shortage of applicants.

I would say there is a girl you want to keep to yourself and take home to mom, but looks like she is already at your mom’s taking half naked selfies.

Meanwhile, fights were breaking out over him.

I have a feeling they are from Holyoke. Nothing says responsible parenting like bring your kids to a fight in a parking garage.

The award for winning the fight is well worth it.

Nothing says romance like a slide on the henny dick.

So tomorrow when you wake you with a hangover from whatever yoj pounded down reading this, just be glad you aint from da ghettos of Springfield.