So did we win?

Looks like our week long battle with the woke women of the help with money blessings group may have come to an end.

First, who types out y’all? This group has been at each other for awhile lately. A lot of accusations that the moderators were keeping the tips, or money paid to them out of donations you received, for themselves and not a pool to help people with. We were trying to figure that out when they shutdown.

So ladies, you have spent the last week trolling our website, reporting our Facebook posts and did you even report a YouTube video?

Its still there though. Actually,we are still here.

Never fear, we still have plenty of other groups to get the e beggars from. We have just decided to stop sharing which group they came from.

Our only goal is to expose the people trying to take advatage of others with fake stories to get money. If anything, we were trying to protect you from your own stupidity by showing you who you were really dealing with. Its been fun Meredith, Chloe, and Brittney. Can’t wait for you to return.

Meanwhile, don’t be a stranger. If you need something to do with your free time, send us some ads. You know how to find us if you want to talk.