Is this what the cards said ?

Meet Amiee Babin from Tennessee

I could find a picture of her without her Kid Rock wannabe boyfriend in it. So ya, she thinks she is a witch, and a broke ass bitchy one at that.

Lets start out with her job search.

She needs a car to find a job. Thats not how it works. Get a job then find the car.

Next problem.

Buy a smaller amount and stay off the phone.

Good news though, she got a job,kinda.

Did that just happen? She actually is trying to solicit money for tarot card readings in a GoFundMe group. That must be her new job. Good luck with the whole getting money from people begging for money thing.

As if that wasn’t enough, her fellow card reader threw her name into the hat.

No Lindsay, laughing is a good thing. Just for the record, I don’t believe in this stuff, but I wonder if it’s in the cards for them to know I’m writting about them.

Oh and Lindsay.

You are right, its hard to forget a blue haired woman easily.