I’m not a ratchet !

Meet Ashly Lynn

She has had an up and down month, and needs funding every step of the way.

Lets start with the beginning where her romantic dreams came true.

She traveled 1600 miles to meet her online boyfriend, the least we can do is pay for the whole thing. Why should these two love birds have to pay for it? Sure Ashly, have a fancy dinner and check into a nice hotel, just send us the bill.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and she had to return home to work.

I get the feeling you were just a shitty employee which is why the boss didn’t like you.

Great news though, she got a new job !! She only needs your help with one thing.

I mean, come on people. You can’t expect a girl to start a new job with nails like this.

Pitiful, just awful. And we can’t let her look ratchet, because she is in no way a ratchet.

What is that, like once a week,a month, a year? I doubt its daily.