I need a one way plane ticket ASAP !

Oh no, grandma is on her last breathe and Jada needs to get to Kansas city quick, its an emergency you guys !!! She could take a train or bus, but when time is running out a plane is the best way to go. Except I think grandma has some time.

You been begging for airfare for weeks and nobody cares ? I’m going to guess because you are a scammer and maybe just maybe the woke people in these groups for once used their heads and figured it out.

And as if granny dying just wasn’t enough, they were also the victims of a horrible domestic situation.

Da faq? So moms boyfriend shows up, breaks all the windows and the landlord just throws you out? He didn’t even go through the proper eviction process? How cruel !!

Hopefully nobody is falling for this fake person and the fake account, but if you do.

Yeah, it would be kind of embarrassing to think you gave her money.