Girls designed it, so f#$k off !!

Meet Andrea and Ashley from East haven Connecticut.

As you can tell by the dog filters, the stuff they design is anything but girly.

There is no way this onesie isn’t going to be a hit in down at the section 8 daycare center. Its stylish and tells grandma or others to just shut up.

Nothing is worse than having guest over and they insist on touching the decorative towels. But now with these towels you can politely ask them to please do not faqing touch them.

Sometime you just have to keep people guessing. Is the reason why you are taking a piss in the meddle of the sidewalk from to much water or vodka? Is this bottle going to evidence at or DUI trial or nah? Only you will know !

Halloween will be here before you know it !! But why wait, get in the spirit with this shirt of a skull hand giving everyone the finger !!

Perfect for the bathroom or even a romantic evening,candles always add ambiance to a room when you light this shit up.

Don’t like being charge for plastic bags at the store? Let the clerk know you have gone green and they should go faq themselves !!

Well all items are for sales, and don’t tell them I send you. Odds are good when they find this I’ll end of on my own F.U. product.