Reader mail, I guess Tommy B Rider is a bully

We made it almost two days without a complaint email, it’s a new record. So rather than just email back, let talk about it.

Last week we posted a blog titled ” You are a brave man“, about a guy named Jarrod who had your run of the mill pumpkin spice story. You know, at Walmart, see abuse happening, watches from a distance waiting to be a hero,no proof of anything yet writes about it on Facebook. Sound familiar?

Somehow after a week the blog came back to life and has been making the rounds, alot. So thanks to whoever’s sharing the hell out of it.

Meanwhile, Jarrod got his feels hurt and sent me an email.

First off Jarrod, stop with the bully thing. This isn’t the third grade. They are words on a screen and an opinion on your story. Your and adult now, 34 years old according to you, that means you need to accept the fact that people just aren’t going to like you.

Second, you seem to have misunderstood a line that was written.

“You said black, you are now a racist and just described half the people at Walmart.” That is what we call sarcasm. Sadly in the world we live in now if you say something like that a woke person will call you racist. If you don’t understand, ask the smartest perosn you know.

Now, lets adress a few other things you brought up.

Actually, creepy was the term used. Which is what claiming to follow someone around Walmart makes you. If this person was hell bent on being abusive toward another person, your mear presence wouldn’t have meant shit to them.

There is a few people that use Tommy B Rider, you never know which one you will get. Saying we gotten “offended” by you trying to keep a woman safe makes no sense. The opinion was that you wrote the same story that has been written hundreds of times already. Its just not believable, sorry.

Oh, and are you trying to bully me?

I don’t know, sounds like a threat. Bet you didn’t know there are several women who have access to the Tommy Rider account, you may have just threatened one of them. Hmm, the savior of women may have actually just threatened a woman. So to answer your question, no. Nobody will turn into the biggest pussy and apologize to you.

If you will like, feel free to come by our main office, 525 5th Ave 30th fl suite 5 in New York City. Just tell the door guy you are their to kick Tommy’s ass. Happens all the time, they will let you right in.

And last but not least.

Really? That description is about as standard issue as Jarrods Walmart hero story. That lack originality and makes no sense. I can promise you not one of us sits in a basement jealous of your life. Tread lightly Chris, in case you haven’t heard, calling people gay is offensive.

Speaking of disappointment with their own lives Chris.

Is the scholarship for the heart surgery or rehab? Either way, you are in in Massachusetts where you cant be denied medical care based on ability to pay. Maybe that is why you raise $0.

I think we are done here Jarrod. Good luck with your whole leaving the internet and saving damsels in distress at Walmart thing.