The woke attack, and it is hilarious !

As everyone knows we are constantly being sent info from several internet panhandler groups. I have several profiles along with other undercover active members. We pick and choose based off what the posting is and what other information we can get which ones get a blog. We go after the ones that are easy to discredit and give our opinions on the them. Yesterday this happened…

Meredith has her panties in a twist over a blog about one of her group members. I’m pretty sure it was $5 girl, who don’t worry, still had money to get her hair dyed and new furniture.

Pro tip for e begging, don’t brag about spending money when you claim to be broke.

Meanwhile ..

Oh, no, not a ban! She went on and on about how she’s going to find out who I am, witch hunt style. The best woke Facebook detectives were now on the case.

One of the members tried to get involved. I didn’t respond because she’s irrelevant.

We don’t show children, and if we do the faces are blurred. I haven’t figured out how anything we post is ” life risking”. It is all information that is posted online and isn’t hard to find. I enjoyed the usual threat to have this page shut down.

Then another…

Brittney, my dear, do you really think I’d give you any info on us? I’ll give you this, you were right, I was watching, and laughing my ass off !!

Oh, look, I can screen shot things too! I’m rude and hostile because I didn’t give you what you wanted? Ooookkkaaayyy. You aren’t a good undercover detective Brittney, but you should pair up with this woman.

She figured it out all by herself !!

Annnd, another…

Chloe thinks I’m rude because, again, I wouldn’t give any info up.

You thought you’d be a good supplier of material until I checked you on your character. I’m sure your members wouldn’t like you being so two faced. I’m not sure how you even thought that would work? All you could do is send stuff to our page. You wouldn’t get any names out bloggers on here. We wouldn’t tell you who the moles are. We would check into stuff you send us. What you just did was the same as knocking on the door of a crack house in a police uniform and ask to purchase some drugs. It wouldn’t work.

Wanker, LOL !! That is showing us 1920’s style. This chick thought she’d get an instant response. I really wanted to be like her when I grow up, until she said she was a great role model. I retract that, I don’t want to be two faced like you when I grow up.

Of course, here comes the legal advice.

Her again, the smart one of the group. But I soooo want to answer this for you. If the page is blocked then nobody can see it, even us, genius. Everything we post is stuff that anyone can see. If you don’t want people to see it, don’t post it. That is how the internet works. But please, show us where once we posted addresses or phone numbers. I’ll wait.

Also, what legal action ? Deformation? Everything we use is available to the public on a public platform and is in no way protected under privacy laws. Our words on the screen are opinion and satire on the situation, which is protected by the first amendment.

To be continued…

-Gold Diggah