Muh man is innocent !

Meet Sky Ellison and her man from Tusla Oklahoma.

He is being falsely imprisoned and she can prove it, because cops are just dummies and arrest people for no reason or ability to prove they committed a crime, because that is how it works. All she needs is some bail money.

Oh no, and she is pregnant !! Good thing she made a formal announcement.

Back off bitches !! His demon seamen is all hers !!

Things only got worse for her today.

Seven kids? I guess he likes spreading the baby batter around. And if true, she makes number 8, which seems to be the lucky number lately.

She only needs $400 now to get him out. Its hard to do when you are a stay at home mom you know.

Or the manager of the local taco shit hole who doesn’t even one one picture of one kid on her page.

Well great news Sky, although we have zero interest in giving you money or helping you prove man is innocent, most likely there is a whole bunch of woke Facebook detectives who will come running to your aid once they see this. ( Hi ladies !!!! Special shout out to, well you know who. The way you played them pretending to be pissed about this was awesome, keep it up girl !!!)