Horrible things keep happening to a fine young man

Meet Timothy Rajaniemi from Brockton.

Flat brimmed hat and from Brockton, nothing good can come from this. Well, he needs your help.

I know what you are all saying, “ what da faq did I just read?” I guess we go to the play by play because I don’t know either.

I’m a musician I sing play guitar
, my amp guitar mic which alone was more expensive than mostly everything above ,

No you aren’t. But I would have guess white rapper. Above what by the way?

I have Crohn’s disease and few other diseases that my meds was stolen from me they were caught on camera and know exactly whom it was but no charges were brought because of his age I’m guessing,

That isn’t who law enforcement works . So unless your house is being burglarized by a bunch of pill popping third graders, we can rule that statement false.

we had an Xbox with new Games also a ringlight for our vines and videos

Oh good, you are a You Tube star. FYI, the vine app got shut down. Maybe that is why your career hasn’t taken off.

and the worst part we had 3 exotic kittens inside kittens that are charged more than 450$ some more each and again not one of them have been returned we have 2 full Siamese kittens young and and baby bengal who cost the most but again even though we know who did it ,

They even stole the cats? Those monsters !!!! And what are the odds they were all very expensive cats no less.

the kittens belonged to my uncles who is a veteran and over 80years old …. all together was 17,000 probably more than that I don’t know what else to do

Your 80 year old ” uncles” the war vet owned all the cats now? Why would the cats be with you then?

we just lost our house in Florida now in Florida with my parents because my father has two types of cancer and my mother also has custody of 7 of my sisters children ages 2,5,9,11,13,16,17 and another on the way that probably will go to the state which breaks my heart …

So you got evicted ? Your dad has not one but two cancers and your mom is raising 7 kids because your sister has never heard of birth control? Lucky baby 8 goes to the state, so its cool.

. all I can say I’m a Nurse assistant love to help others and hate asking for help but again I’m at my breaking point and In the middle of a divorce she a sweet
Girl was just to much for her can’t blame her please help some how I don’t know how to do this but I’m desperate need… thanks for your time to read this …. god bless you all

And a divorce? It can’t be easy being married to an up can coming rock star cat lover like yourself. Damn groupies.

Hang on, we are even done yet.

I second that.

And slam by Jen !!!

Tim wasn’t done yet, he has a warning for those criminals.

Someone should inform Tim that when people break into houses they usually don’t knock and ask to come in first. I am complete confused by his threat with a gun then saying they wouldn’t do it in the same sentence, but this whole thing has been confusing.