GoFundMe Gilbert

Gilbert needs your help so he can get a computer to be a YouTube star. I get it, he goes online, sees people like Big TruckerB showing off button up shirts, throwing around popcorn and demanding 100 grand candy bars and thinks ” that should be me!”. Just needs a computer.

I don’t know how much he needed for the GoFundMe since he took it down. But never fear, it got replace by two more.

Giberts dad got hit by an uninsured motorist and he sure could use $3200 to get them back on the road again. That GoFudMe started on July 19 and to date has raise not one dime. I guess its the bus for them.

Round three starts off a bit more humorous.

” I normally don’t do this, but”, dude, this is the third one this month. Most normal people don’t do this more than once in a lifetime. Poor Gilbert sits at home all day with no tv, now no car and a broken xbox. Makes you want to cry, eh?

So if you have an extra $450 hanging around, would you please help him out?