You have been Facebook warned

Seems like a normal request, ask the people of Weymouth to handle your personal affairs.

Can we please let Leaha Smzugen to kindly stay away from my son Chris.

Are you assuming everyone even knows who the faq you are talking about?

Please he’s only 18 and has issues that you are not aware of and don’t need to know.

Ya, like his mom goes on the local Facebook pages top talk about who he hangs around even though being 18 makes him an adult.

But know, Weymouth Ma and more importantly I as a single mother don’t need another person becoming an addict!!

This is where you need to get off Facebook and do some real world parenting then.

You may not think you have an alcohol issue because your functionally till you wake up.


But we are losing good people lefted and right. You will survive it. But my child may not!!

I hate when we lose people lefted.

Please stay away from my Fathers 🙏 house while he trying to help my son. Just please. Find someone or somewhere else to go. No you can’t have my father, no you can’t have my dog and no you are turning my oldest son into an addict!!!!

So she is so hell bent on turning your son into a druggie that she is also hanging around your fathers and trying to ” have” him and the dog? Not sure what that means, but it can’t be good. According to one comment, this is what she does. Steal pets, party with kids and screw dads.

I am no longer friends with you. I am sober and God is good. Go away find another sick old man. I love my dad. He’s an acholic with diabetes. Stop coming over with beer and pot ! Your killing him. Please!

So your dad is also not old enough to control his life? Sounds like they got on party chic to hang out with. I would suggest real world action, not Facebook action.

We just lost Shane Paskel . My dad lost half his touge. Respectfully go away we are no longer friends. That means stay away from my entire family. I don’t care were you go. Just not near my family. It’s abuse!! You don’t respect my wishes in person. So I will keep every one posted till you go away. I don’t want to fight. I just want a happy, heathy and successful family. Ankles up some were else!!! You are a bug! Go the fuck away!

Ye, she just wants a ” Heathy” family. Go take your beer , pot and find another father, son and possible the dog to put your ankles up for !!

PS, do you really think she is in here reading this? I doubt it.