The part time gig

Right of the bat, if you can’t figure out this is a scam please have your head examined. I’m not quite sure how to pronounce that name, but Dharmie Dreh sounds like the next rapper outta Brooklyn. She needs to just decided which picture to use.

white or

black? Tough call.

These scams are nothing new. Remember the good old days on Craigslist when they use to send fake checks and then ask for a refund ? Ah, good times.

Gold Diggah went ahead and applied for the job, and it got interesting.

Well than makes total sense. Talking about a disability should always be a in a job description even if you did just make it up.

Would you believe she got hired ? Congrats Gold Diggah, we are so proud of you !!! So all she needs is the cash to go do the shopping.

Completely not a red flag. What about the pay for all the work?

And that is where she blocked Gold Diggah. We never did find out what she was going to make her buy. The moral of the story, don’t be stupid and fall for this stuff.