Please don’t litter

Can you believe some just left this perfectly good camper on the side of the road? Sure, it needs a little work, ok alot of work, but it will be ready for camping season in no time !

I think the best part has to be the matress, which you can clearly see through the no longer there sidewall.

I don’t not want to ever know what has happened on or to that bed, just burn it, and burn it fast.

I feel confident is saying that this wasn’t just dumped there on the side of the road because it is so busted up it couldn’t complete it last trip. Something went wrong and out of an abundance of caution the owner parked it safety until they could get help.

I can’t imagine anyone would brag to their friends or family about owning this scrap yard, but if they have and you know who they are, snitch them out. They deserve it.