One RMV employee could have saved lives, but nah, it ain’t his job

So it turns out the investigation into how the wonderful hard working folks down at the Massachusetts RMV possible screwed this one up took an interesting twist. Somebody knew about  Volodymyr Zhukovskyy’s  violation for drunk driving in Connecticut, looked at his record before the accident in New Hampshire on June 21 that took seven lives and did nothing.

The employee who saw Zhukovskyy’s record, Michael Noronha, told auditors that he doesn’t remember why he checked the work item related to Zhukovksyy’s record. He looked at it on May 29th. No expert here buddy, but you probably looked at it because something came up saying there was a problem. Since there is no best driver of the year award here in Massachusetts. Although this state is so freakin corrupt they would invent it just to give bonuses out to state employees.

Noronha was looking at a notice from the  American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, a nonprofit organization that operates a nationwide computer database on commercial license holders. They were asking to add conviction, or in other words, get this guy off the road before he kills someone.

Thankfully this is Massachusetts, so Noronha who said he wasn’t trained to add such things yet for some reason was looking at them, opted to take a pass on it and not tell his supervisor. What could happen, right ? The good news, he is trained to do it now. I think that should come with a raise.

Well the good news, they found the paper notification they received on June 3 about his drunk driving from Connecticut. It was in a box labeled ” Important mail we should open “.

In all fairness we don’t know if this would have still stopped him from getting behind the wheel. I doubt his employer Westfield Transport was checking licenses everyday. If the RMV had done their job, who knows, maybe just maybe we could have had a different outcome.