Not her best summer

Meet Nicole Patenaude

She is not having the best summer ever.

It started small, just need the cash because I can’twork. A broken leg and you can’t work? Or do you just not have a job? She list herself as a CNA, shocker right? So I can see how that line of work isn’t very accommodating to someone with a broken leg. No desk jobs at the old retirement home.

So it looks like she got a sniff of success and went to the next level, GoFundMe.

So sad. Well that was a complete failure.

I guess she is going to get evicted. Not good.

Then, as if she hasn’t been punished enough.

Now she needs a car ! She needs it to get to the job I’m not even sure if she has. I loved the part where she says she is on her last leg, irony.

Seems like the failed car attempt was strike three for Nicole. Time to regroup and come up with a better scam for September.