You are a brave man

Meet Jarrod from Carver.

It has been a rough couple of days for him. First he was the victim of a crime.

And he got no sympathy. Bunch of jerks! But that didn’t stop him. If being the victim doesn’t work, try being the hero.

Our hero Jarrod! So brave to write this on Facebook. Yes, he is single. So get on line to be with a real man.

So Jarrod what did they look like?

You said black, you are now a racist and just described half the people at Walmart. But Kendra remembers. So you remember every person you walked by at Walmart? Amazing.

Did you offer assistance Jarrod?

So one person hears the threat and makes the decision to let the “victim” choose if the police should be called or not? Thankfully Jarrod was there to follow them around the store the whole time. Because that isn’t creepy. Lets hear it for Jarrod the Walmart white knight !

Looks like pumpkin spice season is back!!!