Who says all races can’t come together?

In a day and age when everyone on the left is accusing everyone of being racist, with double racist point for being a white male who votes republican, we forgot about an event that took place awhile back. It was organized by a white woman named Kelsey Reynolds who managed to bring many races and they all agreed on the same thing.

Meet the brave brave Kelsey.

She is hot, in a I am blind and have no idea what a hot woman should look like kind of way.

Kelsey made one statement that brought the whole world together.

I’m a white man, but I will take a serious hard pass on that. Her statement was clearly racist and the black men spoke.

Not even offended by this one guys? See, there can be a positive on being racist. I guess it back to us white guys.

Seriously, my fellow white men? Nobody is up for the challenge ? Well, the Mexicans are a proud people who will take any kind of work they can. They will do it.

Freakin lazy bastards ! Sure you want to come here and enjoy the good life in the USA but aren’t willing to pay the price to earn it. Well, the Asians may have small penises but they really like to excel, I’m sure they will show up us white, blacks and Mexicans.

Oh come on !!! The Asians want to be the best at everything but want nothing to do with being number one at this? Fine.

The Muslims will do it. We will find the one Muslim that is going to be a suicide bomber anyway. If having to see her naked and knowing you tapped that ass isn’t enough incentive to blow yourself up, I don’t know what is.

What the faq man? Not even if it earns you 40 virgins?

And there you have it. Many of many races came together thanks to Kelsey Reynolds united in their desire not to be the one trying to handle that.