Robbie goes to the bank, and they were mean to him !!

Meet Robbie Wojick from Springfield.

He had a not so believable trip to the bank today.

Lets do a play by play on this.

So today I decided to bring my daughter with me to go cash my payroll check. we arrived to the Bank of America on memorial drive in Chicopee where the manager woman stated I had to have my check verified.

Banks are pretty up to date with technology, especially Bank of America. I can’t see why this couldn’t be done in a matter of minutes or why it would require a manager.

No worries there I already knew I had to have it verified.

I wasn’t worried.

So after having us wait the woman came over grab my check from my hands very rudely and stated why don’t you go to a bank that takes care of you very rudely so I asked her why she was being so rude she instantly got upset with me.

If they were verifying your check, why would you have it? I’m kind of confused about the rest of that statement, but I guess they were nothing but rude, rude, rude !! Take your business elsewhere loser !!!

I can honestly say I have never been into a bank branch where I have ever encounter a nasty rude bank employee, no less the manager.

So they decided to take all the customers that were around me mind you I was there before them and proceeded to make me wait over an hour.

You were in a bank in on a Wednesday afternoon, what customers ? Plus, not that I’m questioning you, but didn’t you just say they told to go elsewhere, and were rude about it ?

I sat there quietly with my daughter. Anyone who has children knows an hour sitting in one spot can be a lot for them.

No you didn’t.

After my daughter started crying the woman stated this is a bank not a zoo.

You expect people to believe this? That never happened either.

I told the woman I would not tolerate my daughter being spoken to like that.

Is there anyone at this bank you haven’t had to put in their place for being rude to you?

So now I’ve been in the bank about an hour and I heard the manager whisper to the man about to cash my check not to verify the gentleman pretended to type something on the computer and said my payroll check could not be verified.

You would think after being so poorly treated you would have left by now and gone to a different bank. It always amazes me how people complain that they got the worst treatment of their lives yet still try and do business with the people or company shitting on them. I wouldn’t, but that is me.

Mind you I heard the manager tell him not to do so LOL.

LOL, really? That doesn’t work here.

So I left there went to the Bank of America on Boston road in Springfield where there was no issues verifying my check. I asked the gentleman if he could tell if the check was already ran and he stated the check was never processed but it was verified inless then five minutes. I will never go to Bank of America ever again. Any establishment that disrespects our future generations and belittles customers shouldn’t have anybody’s business. Please share and make this go viral so Bank of America knows what kind of employees they hire.

Now you can LOL ! I don’t believe a word of this, but that was a tear jerker ending. Standing up for the little guy to big business, you the man !!

Oh, by the way Robbie, this shit is going viral, but not for the reason you want it to. Next time, make sure you get names or business cards of the mean people, you were there for two hours, you had plenty of time to do it.