Ten baby daddies and still homeless

Where do I start? Homeless mom of 10? You all just driving around in a van? Meet Vee Bee.

That looks like a mugshot, do you have a picture that says ” looking for baby daddy number 11?”

Thats better. Back to our story.

I can’t believe everyone from the Child Protective Services to the mayor of Beaumont Texas herself told you to piss off. What a shame.

Where are the baby daddy’s ? That right they are all in prison. Is there 10 of them or did one come back for seconds? I would imagine it is hard to resist dat ass.

Ok, it is totally easy to take a hard pass on it.

Are all the dads at the same prison? That would make visitations easier but might get a little akward in the cell block when every guy has a picture up of the same woman. I’m guessing it would be this picture.

Look what you are missing boys !

Next you say you have no income because of your disability. Seems like between that and 10 crotch fruits you should be rolling in the handout checks. I would love to know why you can’t work but seem to know no problem playing bedroom baseball. Fromm what I hear you are the best sperm catcher out there.

Please tell us more about how you can’t find a Doctor. They managed to find plenty of Doctors willing to take on the Ebola virus yet for some reason you are to high risk? To your credit though, there are a limited number of doctors in the world that are experienced in the field of makebelieveology.

I’m not buying the ” I only breath for my children” line, if that was true they would be in a better spot. Plus, Vee Bee, unless you are trying to compete with Octomom, don’t you know 8 kids is the stopping point? Even Hollywood knows this.

or for my older readers

or maybe somewhere in the middle

That show was mind boggling. That woman had 8 kids and all with the same gainfully employed baby daddy. Strange.