This girl truly has no idea the world the rest of us live in, so donate to her GoFundMe.

Get your tissues, this is a sad one. Meet Raven and Travis.

The new face of struggling and poverty. They were the victim of a horrible crime and now need your cash.

I don’t even know if I can write this with all the tears in my eyes. It will be hard, but I will try. Lets do a play by play.

Not sure how this works but here goes! My boyfriend and I have been having such a rough month. I’m 21 and was 13 weeks pregnant when I suddenly had a miscarriage at my boyfriend’s parents house 2 weeks ago.

Ready to disprove that one without even being there or being a doctor ?

Suesan is Travis’ mom. Seems kind of odd that Raven miscarried at her house when according to mom they just met a few days ago.

To get through the emotional pain of that, we planned a trip to Costa Rica (supposed to leave today and get back on the 24th).

Thats was people struggling for cash do. They plan last minute vacations to Central America. Happens all the time.

On Monday of this week we drove from Charleston to Atlanta so we could look for apartments to move into since our lease was up on the 1st and then leave for our trip that Friday. Within 2 hours into the city my car got broken into and our travel packs (full of clothes, shoes, travel gear including a GoPro camera, eno hammock, dry bags, a brand new camera, both of our passports and all of our travel money we’ve been saving $2,000 in cash) and my Michael Kors leather backpack that was a graduation gift that had my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro got stolen from my car.

Ever heard of a trunk? I have always found that the safest place in a car the leave thousands of dollars in cash and valuables is a bag on the back seat.

They hit the jackpot! The ipad should make up for getting Travis’ shit stained underwear, lucky bastards.

who took the door panel off?

The police were no help, we waited for them for 2.5 hours in the rain and they never showed up and insurance didn’t cover anything except my window. 

You really expect us to believe you called the police to report a crime and they never bothered to show up? They must have been busy with that that big bird poop bust across town.

So needless to say our trip is cancelled, our flights are non-refundable, and our first couple nights of accommodations and shuttles are also non refundable.

Should have taken the travel insurance !

We hadn’t planned on moving into a new apartment until after our trip but now that we’re not able to go we had to find an apartment sooner than expected. Our total move-in fees were $4,000 and aren’t actually able to move in until end of August. We’ve lost so much money over the past couple of weeks due to my medical bills and now this. 

For $4,000 that must be one really nice apartment. Nothing you are saying is making feel an ounce of sympathy for you. I’m sure you will be glad to get back to work and put this behind you.

We could definitely use a pick-me-up and help paying for a mattress since we have absolutely no furniture and neither one of us have a job yet.

How do two unemployed people have that much cash to spend ? So really at the end of all this you just want someone to pay for your bed. Sounds like have done a great job not saving money correctly so far, where do I send the check?

Actually Raven, I would love to know something. Are you that spoiled that you think people are going to feel bad for you? Do you not understand that we aren’t your mommy and daddy and don’t give a shit that your vacation was ruined and someone stole your Michael Kors bag ? Welcome to the adult world, you and Travis can go get jobs and pay for your own stuff.

And just when you think we are done.


Moving back to Atlanta to start a new life as a couple, my son, Travis and his girlfriend, Raven lost everything in a matter of seconds. Someone busted their car window and stole all their possessions, clothes, shoes, laptop, cameras, backpacks, cash and Trav’s Passport, to name a few. They lost collectible items that cannot be replaced.  Many of the items lost are required for the jobs they will be applying for. Ultimately, they are stressed to recount all that was lost.

Hey Mom, you forgot to mention the miscarriage that happened at your house. And the vacation. Sympathy points you know.

After calling 911, they waited for three hours. The police never showed.  As instructed, they filed a report online and 5 days later, got an email, saying they could not initiate a claim online.  When they investigated further, the police basically said there was nothing they could do.

Now its three hours? I’m still having a very hard time believing they called 911 and nobody showed up. You would think the whole department would be on this and not rest until the criminals were brought to justice.

On their way to starting a new phase of life, these young people lost approximately $5000 worth of belongings. They still need to secure a lease and set up utilities, and start applying for jobs. Just starting out, such a setback is profound. If you are so inclined, please donate a little bit to help them out of this unfortunate hole and onto their feet.  Thank you for your kindness.

I thought they already had an apartment ? Does $4,000 in move in costs sound familiar? I ‘m curious about one other thing, if they lost over $5000 how come they are only asking for $1000 ? That barely covers the macbook.

I have no interest in giving them money, however, I would be willing to help them get their stories straight.