When E-begging is a family tradition

Meet Susan Ramirez

Seriously Charles?

Oh, never mind, you to belong together. Now back to our story.

Meet her Father, or Father In Law, depends on which one of them you ask, Manuel.

Even though they don’t seem to be on the same page, they both need your help, or at least your money.

What the Hell does Susan G Komen have to do with you not being able to pay your cell phone bill? Are you planning on calling to solicit donations? I would totally give to a random stranger over the phone. And if your phone bill is that high, I would suggest a new phone plan.

Manuel needed a little less cash, for the sick dog of course.

Cool, stock photo of a dog bro.

So your bills are more than your income? I got could go on a 20 minute rant about people who don’t want to work, get shit for SSI money then have the balls to complain about how its not enough, but that is for a different day. This is about Moose, the stock photo dog .

I couldn’t find them, nor could I find a picture of the dog. But why would anyone think you two would be scamming ?

Ernest shoots and scores !!!!!

Actually, let me answer that. If she takes care of you, we may have a problem.

Holy shit, Manuel is dying !!!! We should probably tell him. Actually, I’ll wait until the dog heals up.

She desperately needs money to fly home to see him, in Salem Mass, which is strange because he lives in Arizona.

There does appear to be another daughter that lives in Salem, but as far as I can tell she isn’t involved. I guess she just figured she would play the home field.

Yeah, go see a chiropractor !! In your face !! Sorry, Manny, she didn’t leave the groups.

So Manny, sorry to hear of your impending death. Hopefully Susan can raise the funds to come see you before you pass, even though she sees you every day.