I’m Anti Trump, so buy tickets to my show !

From CNN ( shocker there)- Leslie Jones says she picked Washington, DC as the city where she’ll film her upcoming Netflix comedy special because it has one of the “best comic crowds” in the country. But when Jimmy Kimmel reminded her that President Donald Trump and his family live there, she quickly changed her tune.

News flash, the President of the United States lives in Washington D.C..

“DC go buy tickets, I need people to be there and fill in the audience and laugh,” Jones said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Translation, I’m not the funniest comic you can spend money to see.

Will you invite the President and his family to the show?” Kimmel asked.

Jones said she’d never extend an invitation to the Trumps, and as a matter of fact she’s erasing his name from her mind.

I’m sure he will be upset. We all know the one thing Trump loves doing it taking in comedy shows. No less one for Leslie Jones, Watch out, a black woman that doesn’t like Trump, did not see that coming.

Hell no and I hope you show up so I can talk bad about your a**,” she said, adding, “Ooohh, don’t you show up you are banned. You are banned period. You are banned from my life.”

Nothing like a good I hate Trump rally to try and booster sales.

She told Kimmel, actually, she doesn’t even know who Trump is.

Makes it tough to talk shit about him, don’t you think?

And while fans know her from her hysterical “Saturday Night Live” sketches and “Weekend Update” appearances, Jones said she’s a standup at heart

She is on a show that starts almost every episode slamming Trump. I don’t exactly find her the best person on the show, and can’t say I’m upset if she isn’t in a sketch. Just call it what it is, a cheap attempt to make money using Trump. If she hadn’t said she was banning him from an event he wasn’t going to attend anyway, would CNN be writing about it? Nope.

Good luck with your show Leslie. I have no interest in watching it, but as long as you get paid from ticket sales and Netflix its all good.