The complaint department isn’t the comments

Apparently the complaints department was very busy today. As a result, we changed a policy around here. The comments on the website are now closed. But the comments our Facebook page are still open for business will be more heavily monitored or responded to by our resident bitch, Gold Diggah.

So here we go,item number one.

Lets start with the fact that this was written on June 4th. Two months is a along time and trust me Makiela, some blogs are written days before they even get published. I had forgotten about you before I even hit publish.

She was the star of “girl needs to be serviced”. Her man broke her dildo and she was looking for money to buy a replacement. You made it public girl, not me.

Some advice, next time send a nice email asking for it to be removed. Its old, nobody looks at it anymore and I would have been more than happy to if you acted like and adult. But you didnt, then you tried this.

You gotta take this down. She is actually a pretty sweet chick, and your re posts reflect some douche bag moves other people posted on her account.

I doubt that. But please feel free to send proof. Preferably stuff from when the blog actually came out, since we don’t repost anything and I don’t believe our followers spent the time to do anything to her.

She thinks I did this, but she is stressed, and rightfully so. I deal with security professionally.

So you are a security guard? And why would she think you did it? Are you Tommy B Rider?

I am asking you to take it down, I am filing a DMCA take-down against you for violating copy rights.

Go for it! What exactly was copyrighted?

You can pull it or your hosting company can pull your whole site.

Is this the end of us?

This girl doesn’t deserve this. I hope you get it, you work is entertaining, but when I see a page that is completely contradictory to what the page is reporting I became skeptical of everything on your site.

What? This is literally all we do. Poke fun at stupid ads and postings. Its not the news, its not award winning, its quick humor.

Do you just find open FB pages with public posts and take them and edit them to say things that make them seem like sluts for your entertainment?

Nope, we take stuff and make editorial comments based on opinions. Based on the fact that more of the audience is women then men, I would say we do a great job of not coming across as just making women look like sluts.

Because if that is what your doing not only are you fucking with copy rights your violating a plethora of very sensitive issues, and I promise you do not want the metoo movement on your ass, and that is where this is going.

Being a slut is now copyrighted? Who owns that? But please, tell me about how the metoo movement is going to destroy us.

Your choice man take it down, or wind up with 300 million angry women trying to make you R.J. Kelley’s cell mate the next 10 years and at best causing lasting public shame. Trust me just take it down, your wrong and that’s good enough reason

So I’m going to get 300 million page views out of this? Sweet ! Sorry, KC, R Kelly isn’t going to opinion prison. Your liberal threats aren’t working. Now if you don’t mind, I have new people to turn into sluts online.


Actually Cece, in a way we didn’t. Someone used your picture and that we can’t control.

The blog in question is “catt tales” from July 23. Catt as it turns out was a fake account made up by

How do we know this? Besides the fact that she got snitched out by the group.

Well, actually most of these stories are fake, so its not like she is reinventing the wheel here. Take a look at Catts posts in the blog, these should look familiar.

Back to you Cece, about that slander honey, either look it up or ask for a refund from Facebook Law School. You weren’t even in the blog and I didn’t even know who the faq you were until today. So nothing happened to you as a result of this.

Now to answer your question.

Research? As in cross check every picture on Facebook. Then nope.

Exhibit A

Top left corner, see the end of the name? Screenshot right off Cantrell’s profile.

I’m sure you can’t be that mad though

You did send me a Facebook friend request. Once again I can be reasonable. Try your request again in a polite way and the blog can be altered.