What in the name of all that is holy?

This showed up in an international group. Most of the time these groups are full of Nigerian Prince types scams. And then there was this.

Yes, the Holy Spirit blessed the baby or whatever this is saying. Of course you would think the picture that goes with it would be happy mom and baby or something, right?

Wrong. So wrong. We are going right back to how it all started 9 months earlier. By the looks of her face she is pissed that they were interrupted while receiving her blessings.

I’m not even sure of who decided this would be the picture to go along with the religious preaching. Imagine that conversation? Bible story with people having sex in a field. I don’t even see the connection

But it got stranger. The picture was attached to a link for a news article.

The community boys paraded him? Everyone was really proud of this man for having the courage to bang the mad woman in the middle of the field. Lets see what the report was about.

No joke, it is a link to tomato picker jobs in Canada. Just goes to prove, the Nigerian scam doesn’t always have to be about the prince handing out millions.

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