Liz Warren is a G.D. robot

Ever wonder what suburban SJW and liberal white women really think about people of color?  When they aren’t living “resistance” meme’s on Facebook our putting “Hate Has no Home Here” on their front lawns in a town that is 99% white, they are literally recoiling upon encountering a real minority.

Exhibit A:


If I’m Trump, I’m putting this on t-shirts.  Hell, if i’m Bernie and I see New Hampshire slipping away, as it is, I’m “getting this out on social media.”

Have you ever seen a human attempt to perform an emotional action such as a hug and fail so miserably?  And this is the left’s greatest champion of reparations?  “Take my money, just don’t stand too close.”

Let’s break it down:

  1.  Look at that rigid elbow angle at a sharp 25 degrees.  She looks like Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher from the old SNL days (google it).
  2. The fingers literally have not space between them.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as a clenched “open hand”, but there it is.  Try this at home.  Try to hug your significant other and feel how awkward and non-emotive it is.
  3. Her eyes.  100% missed eye contact.  Cannot trust a person who peers off to the corner of the room when you are standing in front of them.
  4. Perhaps the greatest tip that she is miserable is pursed lips.  Is she afraid she’ll get hair in her mouth? Is she trying to avoid inhaling this young woman’s hair product scent?  Her mouth looks like a clam shell and she wants the nuke codes?

Bottom line is that Elizabeth Warren looks like she woke up that day intending on having no interactions with people of color and this woman threw a wrench into that.

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