The Devil is down in Georgia

Meet Joe and Anita Terry from Georgia.

Well there is a photo that cries, ” we shower once a week”.

Well they got, err, Joe got set up by the law and needs your help.

I wish the grammar police were there. So you and Joe were walking down the street with a ” wepon” on your way to baseball practice I assume when the cops came along and demanded that you drop it. Then they just couldn’t resist tasing you with two guns and draining the batteries. That is a lot of juice.

Nobody is dumb enough to believe the cops just randomly picked on this guy for no reason. You also don’t get denied bail for disorderly conduct. Would love to know what he really did.

Then off to jail for Joe with no bail ruining his chances of that interview he had on Monday. Hopefully with this GoFundMe the can raise enough money to hire a really good ” layer” , get the charges dropped and go after the cops for ” extem force”.

How much do you need anyway?

For that kind of money you can get a lawyer that can spell lawyer.

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