Blame it on the sandal


Village of Yorkville, WI – The driver’s lounge of a Petro Stopping Center in Wisconsin was severely damaged after a BMW crashed through it Sunday evening.

According to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO), a deputy was on a routine patrol passing through the parking lot of the Petro on Sylvania Avenue around 5 p.m. on August 4.

That’s when he noticed a silver BMW had crashed into the driver’s lounge area of the truck stop.

RSCO said the deputy surmised he drove up to the scene “only seconds” after the accident occurred, and he quickly called for assistance.

Inside the vehicle, police located 47-year-old Frances Hastings of Racine.

According to authorities, Hastings told them she was going to park her vehicle when her sandal became stuck on the gas pedal, sending the sedan through the truck wall of the truck stop.

The impact was so severe, it caused the airbags of Hastings’ car to deploy.

A sandal jammed the gas pedal? I’m not quite understanding the science behind a light weight shoe forcing the pedal down. Its like there was something else behind this.

Deputies on scene conducted a field sobriety test on Hastings and found her blood alcohol level was 0.21 — more than twice the legal limit.

That makes more sense. Nothing says a fun day out like getting hammered and crashing your car into a truck stop in Wisconsin.

We all make mistakes, I’m sure this is just a one time thing for Francis.

Hastings was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), which she is familiar with.

Authorities report she also received an OWI conviction in 2018, for which her license was suspended.

She also possibly faces charges for operating a vehicle with a suspended license, reckless driving, and operating with a PAC (second offense).

No expert, but when your license is already suspend for drunk driving you may not want to get drunk and crash into a building. Luckily nobody was hurt. So Francis, next time you want to go party it up at the Petro, call a Hood Uber.

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