Red Flag


I’m not going to lie, I did not know what I was looking at while perusing the local yard sale site and saw this image some GUY was selling.  At first I thought, when a man displays this in his home, he is telling the world that there are some dark sexual desires that lurk beneath.  Is it because of his affinity for Wiccan-like females wafting through passed a full moon?  Probably.  Does he have a hard drive full of Elven-porn?  Most definitely, in my opinion.

Doing a little internet research found that the “artist” goes by the name Menton3 and seems to have a bit of a following.  Disclaimer: I don’t give a shit about comic culture and don’t care if Menton3 is a big swinging johnson in the field.

Menton3 Resigns From Ars Memoria Amid Abuse And Fraud Allegations

Menton3 Resigns From Ars Memoria Amid Abuse And Fraud Allegations


He then got involved with the publisher FLOOD44 which moved to Kickstarter as a means to publish his and the work of others, notably Ben Templesmith, but also Dave McKean, Ashley Wood, Bill Sienkiewicz, Riley Rossmo, Geof Darrow and many more. Their Kickstarters have been plagued with non-delivery. This may not be unusual in the world of crowdfunding, but it seems that what was going on was far darker.

How dark are we going?

Faith Betinis then confirmed her post was about Menton, repeating Carmack’s claims and then adding her own experience. After opening and working for free in his gallery, she says she dealt with Menton’s constant talk about his sex life, questions about hers, and then his attempts to put his hands on her before she quit. But she says she didn’t want to name him, because many of her friends go to the gallery and are fans of his. And she believed that even by saying this, the tattoo community wouldn’t let her work in that field again.

Shocking that guy who spends him time drawing his image of what a woman should look like (flying through the night sky in a flowing gown) would have trouble with boundaries.

This ended up being quite a rabbit hole.  The comments on this women’s post is a string of complaints like this.

Elise Murphy “Like this dude would not shut the fuck up with the uncomfortable not-funny-at-all sexual jokes. Constantly asked about my sex life and would boast about his out of nowhere.” – this is every conversation I have ever had with Menton while my husband worked with him. I’m sorry for the shit he put you through. Stay strong, glad you put him in his place.

If, after all that, this is your cup of tea and you can part with $30. contact this guy… (just joking about the elf porn, buddy)

Framed Print by Menton3

11” x 17” framed print by Menton3



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