Free muh bro !

Nothing can be worse than having a love one locked up. And what a better way to raise the bail money than a GoFundMe so we can get him back on the streets as soon as possible. Lets hear her story.

ICE is at it again ! Just picking random people of the street to arrest and deport. Because there is no way he isn’t here completely legally. Before we get to the comments, one question.

Did you have fun at Disney Pamela? Was Goofy an under cover ICE agent?

Oh no, facts !

If he was here completely legally, this wouldn’t be a problem. They aren’t pulling people of the street that have the right to be here. Grey may need some mental help.

But it aint for calling you out on this.

Just when it looked like it was going to get good, the group dad stepped in to send everyone to their rooms.

Do we have to say were are sorry before we can comment again? Dad may be right, anyone can start a GoFundMe. Its up to you to figure out what is real.

I hope the woke don’t bail him out. They didn’t arrest him for no reason, so have a safe trip back to your own country. Thanks for visiting the USA !!!

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