Facebook cat fight

Nothing is more exciting then when a Facebook sale goes bad and we end up with an online fight.

Ok, she blew her off , Lisa would you care to rebut?

Oh, its now now !! We never hear from Joann again, but Lisa wasn’t done yet.

Yeah, we got time, don’t worry about it. Just call when he passes out.

Let hear it for not having multiple baby daddy’s !!!

If this is over a $20 item it is really sad. Not even worth the drama.We had the case of the $40 fridge the other day, I would be embarrassed to be whining in a public form over such petty things, but thats me.

Well the rest of the comments were the usual ” sorry this happened” and ” she is rude,she don’t know you or your situation” so we will leave it there. Any last words Lisa?

Indeed, Lisa, indeed.

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