Let me out or I’m suing!!

Technically, the tick “penetrates” you, so for the tick it could be sex. Based on their looks,your children should be old enough to understand what they are looking at in a closed Facebook group, or shouldn’t be in it in the first place. You don’t get to pick and choose what people write because your kid may see it, ON mothers day no less. But lets get past that since we never saw the original post.

Who exactly are you talking to ? If you want out of a group just simply unfollow it, not a hard thing to do.

Boom, and just like that it is over. No need to beg and threaten people to do it for you. I can only imagine the phone call you would have with Facebook complaining about being in a private group you don’t want to be in. That is, if you actually get a human on the phone. Good luck with that.

Next stop, the lawyer. Why does everyone on Facebook seem to have a lawyer on retainer? Am I the only one that doesn’t? Even the broke people looking for handouts seem to have one. But please, I have to be in court when your complaint about not wanting to be in a Facebook group goes before a judge, it will be priceless.

Anyway, meet Laura

If you really are a psychotherapist I would really suggest you talk to your boss, you may need the one that needs some help. Just a suggestion.

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