Why is my cereal glowing?

Yup feeding the cereal out of this bowl should help stunt your kids growth. Maybe put some milk in in and watch kitty grow her claws at an alarming rate. Or just make your vanilla ice cream glow green.

Tjere was a short video attached with his geiger ciunter crackling and talk of alpha and beta waves. What does that mean? Faq if I know, I’m not a science computer.

Lets go on to the more interesting stuff.

Keep the aliens out makes sense. If dipping your nuts in it is the problem with the gene pool, they must give these bowls away as a starter pack down at the welfare office.

Dawn, you want to know why he is holding it?

When you save France from iSIS nothing can hurt you.

Unless it has soup in it, I don’t want it to stay warm. If all it does it play hot 93.7 ( the hip hop rap station from Hartford with DJs that talk like they gang bangers from da hood) I promise you I will smash it into a million pieces.

If you are looking for a boel that can cook your food, possibly give you superpowers but most likely just make yoir hair fall out as you eat Cheerios, hit Rowan up.

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