Totally saw this one coming.

The other day in the blog ” Don’t you dar speak the Truth ! ” there was a comment maid buy a woman named Brittney Anderson about how the help me get money sites are clogged with sex toy requests and make it hard for people like her that need money.

I took a wild guess that the evil DCF people took her kid. I may have been close, because guess what got posted today?

So now she is alleging it was a parental kidnapping. Except there was no agreement on nothing so nobody will help except a Private investigator. I find it hard to believe the police wouldn’t even do at least a well being check. But she wrote it on Facebook so it has to be true.

So the story is after the kid comes to visit evil dad moved, blocks her on social media, changes his number, tells everyone he know not to speak with her about nothing and leave her in the dust, or did he?

Oh for faq sake, you just said he left you in the dust, now it has been a tug of war for years? So you did talk with him and know where he was? Hmmm . I actually found the Facebook story more believable than this one.

So lets see how she is doing on the fundraising.

Damn, she will never find him now. Lucky for her, I watch a lot of Magnum PI and crime drama shows, so I found the kid for her. He is right here.

Are you really surprised by that?

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