It ain’t illegal if I don’t get caught

Safety first for Nicole. Just looking for a $500 truck to pull her camper around it. Who gives a shit if it will pass inspection, because she won’t take it for one anyway. Makes you wonder how that car crash happened. Just in case you thought you read that wrong.

It really is nice to know there are people like her openly saying they buy cheap cars, don’t make sure they are safe to be on the road and have no problem putting kids in them and driving around on the same roads as the rest of us. Bonus, she wants to pull a camper behind her not safe truck, wtf can go wrong?

Now remember, the car has to blend in the the crowd because we all know the cops aren’t trained to look for these things. Since I’m not sure where she lives or what kind of future death trap she is planning on driving around in, I’ll do my best here.

Thats Nicole Siler , driver of illegally operated cars and trucks.

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